How Often Should Air Conditioner Be Serviced

In maintaining the comfort of your homes, your air-conditioner is the most essential. It is responsible for making the air breathable, and free of dust particles, impurities, and smoke. You probably need it the most during summer, or when the air outside is too hot, so naturally, you wouldn’t want your unit to malfunction at that time. To prevent that, you have to make sure it is always in its best condition. To do that, you have to have an air-conditioner service regularly. 

How Often

 If you want to make sure your air conditioner is working perfectly, you can check it out yourself. Make sure that its parts are working without obstructions like dirt or debris. Replace or clean your air filter every 30 days. To make sure you are doing things properly, consult your owner’s manual.

 The frequency of service will depend on your air-conditioner unit, model, and brand, but an annual check-up, tune-up, and inspection, is the least you can do. If you want a licensed expert to do this for you, you may contact your HVAC contractor to inquire. If you are unsure, you may call several companies to ask for estimates.

 Usually, they will offer annual services which will cost about $100 to $300, with additional costs if some part of your unit has to be specifically repaired or replaced. A company’s annual service might differ from others. Be sure to choose one that includes inspections, cleanings, and minor repairs. You may also ask for other offers and plans for services that you might want. Of course, prices will vary because of this, but it will save you more money compared to paying for emergency repairs.

How Important

Like what others say, “Prevention is better than cure,” it is recommended to take actions and prevent problems with your unit than be shocked and face the consequence of not doing that. 

 Many problems with your air conditioner might be discovered before it becomes too much, through inspection. Due to that, your technician will only need to do minor repairs most of the time. You won’t have to pay additional fees needed for major repairs and replacements. 

 If you continue to maintain your air-conditioner, you will avoid losing its efficiency. According to experts, most units lost 5% of this every year. With taking care of your air-conditioner, you will get back 95% of that! It will work for 15 years, at most, but it might still last longer than that.

Maintaining your unit will also mean that it won’t break down as often as others which are not taken care of. You will be sure that it will be there when you need it the most, especially at times when the environment is humid. 

You should put the regular services for your unit in your priorities if you want to save time, money, and effort. 

A service of at least annually will greatly preserve the performance of your air-conditioner. Don’t hesitate to contact your HVAC contractor to make plans. 

Cooling Systems and Siding Materials

With an ongoing heat wave, your roof, awning, and the frame of your house are not enough to withstand the punishing heat of the sun. While this is not likely the first thing that comes to mind when the summer season starts, you will find that roof maintenance and home improvement projects in general are times when even the tiniest leaks or crevices are able to cause damage to your home’s structure.

Instead of taking the risk of hiring a professional company to help you install or replace your siding, it is best to do the work yourself so that you are not spending money on hiring someone else to deal with this issue. In order to prevent the mildew, mold, or warping from the cold air, you can either utilize a siding and sealant system or you can install a traditional roof insulation.

Home Siding

The cool breezes that breeze in from the ocean can lead to excess humidity and condensation inside your home. Condensation causes the roof to leak, thus causing large amounts of damage to the house. If you have serious siding problems, the condensation can lead to mold and mildew growth that can also ruin the integrity of your siding.

In order to combat this problem, you need to take the necessary steps to prevent the cool breezes from damaging your roof. The first thing that you need to do is clean and vent the roof. Use an electrical blower to remove any old debris, dirt, and insects from the roof.

You should always remember to fix a damaged roof before attempting to repair a problem in other areas of your house. It is very common for roofs to split and burst in the middle during the winter months, making it necessary to repair the entire roof to allow for more proper ventilation. Once the roof has been repaired, you can protect the siding from the cold by using a siding and sealant system.

Before attempting to repair the problem in other areas of your house, it is a good idea to make sure that all areas of the house are properly insulated. Not only will you save money on heating and cooling bills, but the overall structure of your house will be protected from the effects of extreme weather conditions.

It is important to realize that there are many types of roofing systems that can be used on your roof. Those who live in the northern regions of the country will find that they are able to use asphalt shingles, while those who live in the southern parts of the country can choose between shingles, asphalt, wood shakes, and metal shakes. No matter what type of siding you are considering, you need to make sure that you are properly insulated before installing your siding.

As you start to approach the hot summer months, your home may already have severe siding issues. If you find that your siding has already begun to mold or rot, then it is recommended that you install a siding and sealant system.

This is a great investment in order to prevent the damage of permanent damage to your home and to the siding in the long term benefit of your finances. The cost of this system is relatively low, and with proper installation, your siding will be more than a match for any type of weather.

While the cost of a sealing and siding system can seem like an extra expense to you, it is well worth the money if you do not want to end up with a large amount of expensive repairs to your roof. Because the costs of cleaning and repairing your roof can be so costly, you need to make sure that you have invested the right amount of money in order to protect your home against damage.

There are many different types of roofing systems and materials to choose from, and you should consider all of them before making a final decision. If you do not have enough information about the different types of materials that you can use, then it would be best to consult a professional in order to avoid the risk of having an inferior product installed on your roof.

Cooling systems and siding materials are some of the most expensive types of home improvements that homeowners need to consider. It is extremely wise to invest in these two materials as they are needed to protect your home from severe damage.