How to Adjust Hunter Sprinkler Head

Hunter Industries is a well-known sprinkler system maker company because of its rotary sprinklers, which has found its use in commercial and residential lawns. Each sprinkler from Hunter has the same adjustments you can do to fit your preferences. 

And so, what adjustments will work on all of them? This post will elaborate on what you need to do to accommodate your lawn needs.

Here’s how to adjust Hunter sprinkler heads:

1. Find the ideal nozzle for the sprinkler head

To determine whether the nozzle is fit for the job, it must be able to provide head-to-head coverage is the capacity of the sprinkler to aim and reach another sprinkler head. There are two approaches for this step, which are: looking at the chart provided in the Hunter manuals that detail the characteristics and efficiency of the pieces or trial-and-error process. Hunter sprinklers come with various assorted nozzles. The distance that the water stream will reach is dependent on the size of the nozzle holes. Once you identified the proper piece, proceed to the next step.

2. Insert the chosen nozzle in the rotor body

You can insert the nozzle by pressing it in the opening of the rotor body until it clicks in there. Secure the new nozzle by using the metal end of the rotor key (which, by the way, allows you to adjust the sprinkler heads) into the arrow that is in the raised area of the rubber cap, and then screw it clockwise once set to tighten. 

Word of caution: screwing the nozzle too tight will affect the amount of water sprayed. That’s why you should screw it just enough to be secured and not to limit the water stream at the same time.

3. Set the direction of the right-hand limit

Do this method to assign the limit of travel for the right-hand side. To do so, you must first raise the sprinkler body. Here are the detailed instructions:

  • Insert the plastic end of the rotor key to the hole beside the arrow, which allows you to pull out the sprinkler. Be sure that in pulling out, it has cleared two ridges, which is about an inch before the body completely pulls out. 
  • Then, hold the sprinkler body to prevent it from lowering. 
  • After that, twist the rubber cap to the left-hand travel limit, then rotate it in reverse to the end of the right-hand position. 
  • If the right-hand limit of travel isn’t oriented to reach your preferred area, then rotate the sprinkler body to the right until the right-hand travel limit is at the correct position.

4. Set the direction of the left-hand limit

By repositioning the right-hand limit, the positioning of the left-hand limit alters in the process. That is why you must also correct it. This one is easy to do. 

  • Start by inserting the plastic end of the rotor key to the hole at the rubber cap with plus and minus sign. 
  • Then, rotate the key to the direction indicated by the plus side if you want the left-hand side to cover more, or to the minus direction to reduce the coverage.
  • Once corrected, let the sprinkler body descend, and lock the collar.

5. An alternative method to adjust the right-hand limit

You can use this alternate method to reposition the right-hand limit. To do it:

  • Begin by detaching the inner body assembly by twisting the body cap in a counterclockwise direction. 
  • Pull out the inner assembly, then rotate the rubber cap to the left-hand limit, then to the end of the right-hand rotation. 
  • Make sure that the arrow points at the area where you want to get coverage. 
  • Once done, you can now place back the inner assembly while oriented at the desired coverage and then tighten the body cap by twisting it clockwise. 
  • Then do step 4 for adjusting the left-hand limit.

With these steps, you’ll now have an adjusted Hunter sprinkler head! If you think that this guide has helped you, then please don’t hesitate to share this with others!